Corporate Video Production 

In today’s world, corporate videos are very popular and in high demand! The team at ShaneFloyd Films brings you a comprehensive plan to handle small video projects to large full service corporate video productions. Our professional corporate videos can showcase a product or service in ways that will resonate with a target audience. 

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Social Media Video Production

Use professional videos to populate your social media channels, show them on your website, and increase your outreach and brand engagement with your target market.

Corporate Events

From multi-day conferences to smaller meetings and educational seminars, we've helped companies from all over the world capture important content.

Business Branding Videos

Social media branding videos help your company stand out against your competitors.  Our team offers a wide array of services that will help promote your business in a variety of formats. 

Client Testimonial Videos

Real people telling real stories: that’s peer-to-peer marketing at it’s best. Testimonial videos are one of the best ways to sell you and your product. Our testimonial video production spotlights your most enthusiastic customers, and brings your product to life. 

Highlight & Sizzle Videos

Highlight and sizzle videos can inspire and rally a captive audience around something they all care about. It's an opportunity to play with your organization’s characters and groups with stories and humor or tell complex or emotional stories that grab your audience.

Trade Show Videos

Trade show video production for video loop and exhibit booth videos, plus professional trade show video production services to showcase your products.

Examples of Our Corporate Videos

Corporate Video Production
  • Corporate Events

  • Corporate Presentations

  • Recruitment Videos

  • Event B-Roll Coverage

  • Seminars and Meetings

Branding Video Production
  • Social Media Videos

  • Brand Videos

  • Highlight Reels & Promos

  • Short Event Clips

  • Client Testimonials & Interviews

Product Demonstration Videos
  • Product Launch Videos

  • Product Explainers and Demonstrations

  • Training Videos

  • Marketing Videos

  • Trade Show Videos